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About Versa

We are a technical construction company consisting of experienced but also young engineers who like to create and see the results of our efforts. We do not consider ourselves contractors but creators of projects of the best possible outcome. Our goal is to offer the high quality result throughout the life cycle of each project. Profitability is the result of our work and not an end in itself. The same philosophy is shared by all our partners with whom we have a long-term relationship..



MEP Specialist

The long-term involvement of the company's executives in MEP projects makes us one of the most experienced companies in Greece in MEP implementation and supervision. We work either as an independent company or as partners or subcontractors of other technical companies.


Architectural Design

With the entry of the new generation in the company and the use of the latest design technologies and trends, and having the necessary infrastructure, we now offer complete architectural design to both our customers and partners / colleagues. 


Project Development

Within the framework of the technical consulting services that we provide to our clients and our long-term involvement in the market, we combine, find and propose the optimal utilization of their properties.



Our involvement of more than 20 years in the construction of mainly building projects (shops, hotels, offices, industrial buildings, homes, etc.) enables us to build complex mixed projects with full design support.


Project Management

Acting as technical consultants of various companies but also involved from the phase of conception of the idea by our customers, we have long experience and involvement in project management from the beginning to the final delivery & operation.


Architectural Photography

We have an independent department of architectural photography and project promotion by an experienced specialized photography team both for our own use and for partners and third parties who want to promote their properties.

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Detailed analysis of the client's needs and advice to facilitate decision making

Development of solutions fabricated to each clients individual needs

Selection of partners, equipment and materials that offer the best possible results at the best possible prices

Coordination of projects and services

Preparation of a complete file with "as constructed" drawings, equipment forms, list of suppliers and maintainers.

Delivery and training

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